About Us

Rainman Calls is owned and operated by Greg DeRousse of Herrin Il.  Growing up around the Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge in Southern Illinois offered up a classroom for learning the sounds of the Canada goose as well as all ducks that come though Mississippi flyway.  From an early age, mimicking the birds sounds was a way of life.  A trip to a small sporting goods store in Anna Illinois led Greg to a new understanding of tuning calls.  After toying with many calls, making a call that would project throaty vocalizations became the goal.  The original Rainman call was made in the late 80's using hunter partner, Scott Wade, as a sounding board.  G & S Calls was formed by Greg and Scott.  The Rainman was a call that had all the characteristics that we wanted in a call except the move to short reeds was in progress and the change in the way air was put into a call changed our way of design.  Using famous Crab Orchard Gun Club of Marion, Illinois as a testing ground, the team came up with "The Gentleman", a back bored call with the most impressive and realistic sounds a call could deliver was born.  The call was not a stage call but a field call.  It was made for 99% of guys who don't go on stage and don't have iron lungs.  From that call, came the rest of the call line.  Due to a thriving personal business, Wade took a backseat in the call making but remains a part of the business.  DeRousse kept at it making well proven Snow, Speck, Duck, and other Canada calls.  Rainman Calls have been proven highly effective in every flyway as well as Canada.  In 2013, it was decided that the company would branch out to a larger audience.  Rainman Calls now includes our old school G & S Calls as well as the "White Lightning" duck call under Rainman Calls logo.  The company offers a custom calls as well as undisputed customer service.  With over forty years of experience in calling and tuning experience, Rainman Calls feel that we can offer people a call worthy of the stage but revered in the field.  See what we can offer you today.  
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